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GCUC Denver 2019

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GCUC is the largest coworking conference in the world. Workscape Designs sponsored and provided the main stage furnishings for the annual GCUC Conference in Denver, Colorado.

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Realized Holdings

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Third Coast Logistics

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Muniz Concrete & Contracting Co.

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Muniz Concrete & Contracting asked us to inject some color in to their new facility and maintain the abundant natural light coming in from their mostly glass exterior. Panels for workstations were selected with fabrics that matched Muniz’s company colors, and glass stackers were included, so that light can easily flow through the space.

All workstations were also fitted with additional storage, sit-stand desking, and wired with IT and power modules, to ensure all of their employees’ day to day needs would be met. We were also able to source refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chairs, maximizing comfort and functionality, while also keeping Muniz’s budget in mind.

With their high metal ceilings and polished concrete floors, Muniz was concerned about ambient noise in their space. As a result, we also installed a Speech Privacy noise cancelling system, to reduce the amount of additional sound bouncing off of reflective surfaces.


Infosim (Austin)

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Infosim is a global company, with its headquarters in Germany. To help them stay in touch with their home office and all their clients worldwide, they had three conference rooms installed that are wired and laid out to accommodate video conferencing. Conference tables were placed flush to the wall, with mounted monitor, so that they can create virtual meetings where it feels like everyone is in the room.

For their main area, they wanted to match their space, and so surface finishes were selected to match existing finishes within. All workstations were fitted with mobile peds for additional storage and whiteboards for collaboration on the fly. Interior cubicles were fitted with glass stackers, to reduce noise and increase privacy, while still allowing abundant light to flow through the space.

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Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

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Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter came to us to help them design the offices for their brand new facility in Georgetown, Texas. The project had two main areas of focus: reception and welcoming areas for visitors and office space for their administrative staff.

For their reception area, their primary concern was preparing for expected heavy use, while also maintaining a bright, colorful, and welcoming atmosphere. All pieces selected for the reception and adoption area were selected for their durability and cleanability, because sometimes our four-legged friends can be messy. Additionally, task seating for reception staff alternated between purple and yellow fabrics to match the shelter’s logo.

For the administrative offices, l-shaped surfaces with additional storage were chosen, so support staff always have what they need at arm’s reach. The shelter also wanted a modern, elegant looking executive conference table, which was paired with task seating featuring additional padding for extra comfort during those all day meetings. A standard desk and bar height guest table were also included in the administrative offices for impromptu meetings.

Williamson County Animal Shelter has a large number of caring, dedicated volunteers. As a result, a lounge area was included in the administrative offices where the volunteers can take a break or grab a bite to eat. The lounge area also features lockers, so that the volunteers have somewhere to put their personal items while caring for the shelter’s furry, four-legged residents.


For information on adopting a pet, please do contact the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. They are wonderful people, doing amazing work.

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

1855 S.E. Innerloop, Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 943-3322