• Office Furniture Nightmare Navigators

    Office Furniture Nightmare Navigators

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We Specialize In Fighting Furniture Nightmares

Have you ever been onsite the day of your furniture delivery...it’s an hour past the expected arrival time and your installers are still not there? You call the main office only to find out your product never arrived and your furniture installation needs to be rescheduled...select Workscape Designs as part of your success team and you will always sleep easy!

Brags and Gossip!

"Thank you!"

"I just want you to know Krista ROCKS! She was amazing with Sun Valley and now West LA."

Michelle Chiarenza

"We were very pleased with the end result. She nailed it."

"I appreciated Heather’s knowledge of their products and pricing. She knew how to meet our needs given the budget and timeline. She also went above and beyond to track our order and keep us informed even after hours."

Tiva Rose - Novi Labs

"Your hard work is very much appreciated."

"Thank you so much for holding my hand in this process. Feel free to drop by anytime to see the finished office. All the Houston furniture is showing up today so give me some time to get organized yet again."

Kelly Atkin - Lookout Group

"You are as dedicated to our mission as each of us"

"John B. and Heather - you may not be on Caliber payroll, but we can never tell. You are as dedicated to our mission as each of us and a huge part of why we succeed project after project after project. This project is just one more example of that."

Brett Johnson - CFO, Caliber Home Loans

"Thank you all so much for all your hard work! "

"We are in and I think I got the internet and phones working. Lots of loose ends but we’re going to crush it here. I really appreciate your efforts and I realize how frustrating it probably gets for all of you, but I just wanted to express my gratitude!"

Mark Robertson - Branch Manager

"Looks great and we needed the space!"

"BIG thank you to all of you for the help and support with our move of the Ontario office!!! Thanks again!"

Andrea McMurray - AVP, Underwriting Site Leader

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