A Great Match Starts With The Matchmaker


From Client to Commitment

The space your business occupies and how you use it are two distinctly different things. That’s why a strong broker and designer relationship is essential.

Your broker ensures that you’ll find the office space your business can scale into. Workscape Designs will make sure it’s appealing, functional, and space you will fall in love with.

Relationship Starters

Resources to find the space you love.

How it Works

Step 1: Connect

Our team and your broker will collaborate with you on the front end of the project to identify the three most important things; expectations, budget, and timing.

Step 2: Create

Together, we create a floor plan & 3D rendering to showcase our strategy and ensure your expectations are fully accounted for.

Step 3: Management

Our team will direct the budget & approval process to keep you up to date on project health and prevent the overall project from falling into jeopardy.

Step 4: Execution

We work directly with vendors and manufacturers to ensure all shipments are on track. Our cloud-based software makes our nationwide service the fastest in town.


Concierge Services

Workscape Designs will work with you and your broker from day one to help create an office plan that will be delivered on time and on budget, from start to finish.

If you have a unique location and want to create a special culture, we can provide solutions specific to your needs.




Interior Design and Layout


Space Planning


Technology and IOT Integration


Branding Integration


Service and Repair


Project Management


Future Growth Consultation

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Workscape Designs has years of experience combining form & function in a variety of industries, helping turn our clients’ office vision into a workscape reality.