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Welcome back!! We hope you enjoyed learning about our first step, consultation! If you did not get the chance to read it, check it out now!

Here we are going to go over step 2: design and develop! We believe that educating our clients on exactly how we do things is the best way for people to feel confident and know they are in good hands!  Transparency and education of our process give clients the ability to enjoy their experience with us as they build the perfect office space!

We do not want you to make the wrong decision in choosing your next office space. The wrong decision can be haunting for years by lowering productivity within your organization as well as impact your company’s overall health.

We also recommend making sure to contact us with adequate time to plan. Do not wait until your lease is up to start the planning process. We recommend at least 18 months before your lease is up to start planning your office move.

Step 2, design and develop, is where we start putting all of your ideas on paper as well as give you our input. We have done this for a long time and can help you make the right decisions on location, furniture, size, and everything else that will help us design and develop the perfect fit for your company. 

We know not any two companies are the same. At Workscape Designs, we will use our professional experience to meet your company’s specific needs. Test fits are available and utilized before the move in process. One of our main goals is to help keep you in a stress-free environment as we move through this process together. Here are some extra tips for a stress-free office move.

Once step 2 is completed, we will move onto step: the project management of your new office space!