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Step 1 of our process is consultation. We know change is difficult! With so many changes going on in everyone’s life at any given moment. One of our missions here at Workscape Designs is to make your change in office space as painless and as stress-free as possible. We can help you meet your office needs in 4 easy steps! 


4 Steps: Consultation Design and Develop Project Management Project Execution


Here we are going to deep dive into Step 1. Our consultation goes over so many pieces of what your company’s unique needs are. We  find out about your past space, what worked, what changes you want to see. We determine if there are any rooms you want to make a statement in. We research your brand colors, the furniture you would like, how many conference rooms that will be needed, how many people need to be accommodated in the break room. We find out more about your company than you may have known yourself. 

One of the most important parts to putting your company in the right office space it to determine the timing we have to move you into your new space. We recommend planning 18 months in advance to help the process be as efficient as possible. Check out our Countdown Checklist for a detailed description of what steps to take starting from 18 month out all the way past move in date.

Together we will answer questions that relate your your company’s individual needs, culture, industry, and more. We will help you determine what is best for your company as we design the perfect office space. Once step 1 is completed, we will move onto step 2: design and development phase.