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Client:  Telapprise

Purpose:  Bright and fun call center.

Location:  Round Rock, Texas

Description: Client approached Workscape Designs thinking they could only afford a couple of used workstations, but after a quick budget consultation and design review we were able to provide new furniture at an affordable price.  Light colors and high ceilings lend to a bright and airy feeling in this upscale call center.  Acoustics were a big consideration so tall panels and carpet tiles were installed to help damper the sound of foot traffic.  A colored, striped tile was selected and installed on an alternating turns to create a subtle movement throughout the space. Workscape Designs sourced and installed the carpet tiles which are easily removable without damaging the existing floor and can be reused for years to come.

Project Team:  Chase Baran, John Baran, and Heather Parauka

Featured Products:  AIS Divi

Virtual Tour of Telapprise