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Blue Geico Letters and Logo


Portfolio Spotlight on Geico in Killeen, Tx.  We helped them create a professional-looking space with privacy for client meetings.


Killeen, Texas


Geico and Workscape Designs worked together to create a more professional and private environment. Our Portfolio Spotlight is on the Geico office in Killeen, Tx.

The client was looking for an office where agents could meet with customers while exchanging potentially sensitive information. By utilizing 50-inch height panels, we were able to create individual working areas while still keeping the space open, taking advantage of natural light. We also increased the overall headcount from 8 to 12 seats and were able to complete the refresh over the weekend, so as not to disturb normal business operations.

Project Team:  Krista DeLisle Velasquez, Chase Baran, and Heather Parauka

Featured Products:  AIS Divi

Geico Killeen Office – Virtual Tour Before Installation

Geico Killeen Office – Virtual Tour After Installation