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The final checklist in our “Office Move Series” is for after your team moves into the new space. This phase is called the “post-move”. Below is a starting checklist of items you will have to confirm for any new office.

In a perfect world, every task during the office move went smoothly and you are now in an office with everything that you intended to be.  The hope is that once you have reached this stage of the move, all that is left is to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

Generally, you will need to work with your operations, IT or Facilities and Legal departments to complete these items.

Here is the list of items that you should be consider after moving into a new space:


  1. Create a spreadsheet of office move checklist items.
  2. Distribute a contact sheet with the new location, address, and phone numbers.
  3. Create and post wayfinding.  The easiest wayfinding is a laminated map. Hang and distribute copies of the new space throughout the office.  You will want to have these so everyone can find their way around the space with as little impact as possible.
  4. Update your corporate insurance.  Verify that the change has been made to match the address on your new space. Your new landlord will want to verify that the insurance requirements have been met, according to the policy.
  5. Make a list of termination requirements for the tenant in your previous lease. of old lease following the move. Verify the timeline on the return of any security deposits.
  6. Confirm the all of the items you ordered were delivered. You will need to do a walkthrough with the vendor to note any broken or missing items on relevant vendor punch lists.
  7. Implement the schedule for the planned maintenance and cleaning of the new space. The lease will confirm the specifics of what the building requires and what your company will have to pay for.
  8. Audit and pay any final invoices that are billed to your previous office space.
  9. Confirm the change of address has taken effect.  Confirm vendors have updated your company contact information and mailing address.
  10. Generally, you will need to start the change of address process ahead of time, however, once you have moved into the space, you’ll have to confirm that all changes have taken effect, according to the lease.
  11. Lastly, Verify that your mailing address change has been implemented for all shipping accounts as well, including FedEx and UPS online accounts.


Additional Resources in the New Office Move Checklist Series

We have provided a free checklist for office moves, available for each phase and listing important dates.


Important Dates
18 Months From Move Date
3 Months From Move Date
2 Months From Move Date
1 Month From Move Date
1 Week From Move Date
Post Move