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If you have been in an office move before, you know that moving day is generally packed full of action items.  This new office checklist series is intended for you to use on moving days to help you keep track of things like vendor deliveries and installation, coordination with building management, utilities, and more. You can use the checklist of items below to help assist in your office move on moving day.

Here are the things you should be considering on moving day for your office:

  • Check inventory. Typically you will need to move many of the items in your office to the new space.
  • Compare the inventory of the contents loaded up at the old space to the items that are unloaded at the new space.
  • Do the final walkthrough of the old space, following the completion of the move.  The final walkthrough includes elevators, lobbies, hallways, and storage spaces.
  • Make sure all items in the old office have been loaded or removed.  You basically want to verify that nothing was left behind.
  • Before you sign with a moving company, carefully read the bill of lading.  Keep a copy of the signed agreement on hand until the move is complete.
  • Check for any furniture or equipment that may have been damaged during the move and correspondingly note it on your inventory.

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