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As anyone who has planned an office move or new office buildout can attest, it’s a complicated endeavor that’s not undertaken in a single day.  There are lots of moving parts to consider with a number of significant milestones along the way.  But you have no need to fear, because we’re here to help as best we can.

In that spirit, we’ve prepared a series of checklists of important things to consider at the various milestones of an office move.  A friendly reminder of what you should be thinking about during your move plan and when you should be thinking about them.

The next checklist in this series is for when you are about three months out from your impending move.  Initial plans and timelines are in place, now it’s time to start getting down to the nitty gritty.  Here’s the things you should be considering.

  • Interview and select an office move company.
  • Inventory all furniture and equipment in existing office and make note of any special disassembly or moving requirements.
  • Itemize all specialized equipment like computers and electronics and make note of any special packing or moving requirements.
  • Review existing insurance policies for special terms concerning an office move.
  • Decide what furniture and equipment will be moving with you and what will need to be sold or disposed of.
  • Arrange for the sale or disposal of unneeded furniture and equipment.
  • Make note of any move-in or access restrictions at new location.
  • Confirm hard move date.
  • Clarify packing details and whether you will be packing or your moving company will be.
  • Arrange for secondary storage of furniture and equipment if needed.
  • Determine data and power requirements for new office.
  • Check status of build out on new space and ensure still on schedule for move date.