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The first in our New Office Checklist Series is designed for the beginning of your project, up to 18 months before your office move.  Start with this long-term planning checklist for your office move.  During this time frame, you will likely have confirmation that your office will need to move but not have many details other than the new location.

There are several action items that you will need to get started on your office move, but the checklist below will get your started.

Here are the things you should be considering when you are 18 months away from your office move:


  • Start by reviewing the exit and termination clauses of your current lease.
  • Consult with your Legal and IT teams to create the details of your move plan.
  • Initially you will need a commercial real estate broker. There are several types, so if you are unfamiliar with leasing, try to look for a Tenant Representative to help you find new lease options.
  • Depending on the size of your move, you will likely need to find a project management team to assist with the design and move process.  You can get several proposals to review and narrow down your options by creating a Request for Proposal or an “RFP”.
    • Your Project Management team will be particularly important when you need to define special permits or licenses in your new office space.
  • Additionally, you will need to have the floor plan of your current office.
  • Create the initial layout and design concepts for your new office based on the feedback in your current space.
  • Get cost and project timeline estimates.
  • Agree upon and sign off on cost and project timeline estimates.
  • Begin statutory, permitting, and licensing approval process.


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