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Things are really starting to heat up now, but the end is in sight. Thinking that there isn’t much you can do when you are about one week out from your impending move?  There are actually quite a few checklist items that you will need to remember to have complete. The next checklist in our New Office Checklist Series is: New Office Checklist – 1 Week from Move Day. 


Here are the action items you’ll need to complete one week before your move date:


  • Put up signs, labels, and layout plan in new space to facilitate move-in.
  • Set aside a space for sorting and redistributing items lost or misplaced in the move.
  • Send an email to all stakeholders to remind them of the date and the move plan.
  • Email and Sync with Building Management at both locations to verify they have received everything they need for the move.
  • Sync with your IT team and verify that you have a plan to backup the necessary computer systems, especially for any high level employees or those who have sensitive data on their computers.
  • Protect elevators, lobbies, walls, floors, and doorways from potential moving damage immediately prior to move-in day.


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