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You are in charge of move day and simultaneously have a million things to get done. If you aren’t experienced in Project Management or Moving an Office, then you may not know where to get started.

The New Office Checklist series is definitely for you. Workscape Designs has created these checklists with you in mind. The next checklist in our New Office Checklist Series is New Office Checklist Series – 1 Month From Move Day.

With your move day coming up within the next month, there are several items that you will have to verify so that your move date will go as smoothly as possible. Add the items below to a checklist to get started.

Here are the action items you’ll typically need to complete approximately 1 month from move day:


  • 1 month from move day is when you should confirm the scheduled times for everyone who will be onsite the day of the move. 
    • Check in with vendors to confirm dates and times on deliveries. The installation of new furniture will have different estimated time frames so verify those with each vendor 
  • Inform employees what they will need to do, according to your project plan. 
    • Employees and stakeholders need to be well informed and prepared ahead of time, especially if they will be impacted by the move itself.
  • Generally you will want to label everything that is moving, so you’ll need to make labels and a plan to use them. 
    • Label all relevant furniture and equipment in line with the layout and move-in plan for the new space.
    • Label or tag all keys and locks that will be making the move with you to the new space, so everything can be opened again after your move.
  • Arrange for the distribution of any parking passes or security cards that may be required for the new location.
  • Plan times for unpacking and stocking office supplies, refreshments or and setting up the front desk to minimize the impact of the move and improve the feedback afterwards.
  • Confirm contracts and schedule dates for cleaning of old space after you have moved out. 
    • Verify your plans with building management. Guidelines are usually listed in your lease, including the vendor that you will use or the time frame in which you will need to have it complete.


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