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Mercury Financial Logo with Grey Letters


Mercury Financial is a financial tech company with a purpose.  They help their customers manage their credit responsibly for a better life. In this Portfolio spotlight, we showcase the collaboration with Mercury Financial and the 120-degree dogbone configurations, designed for more space.


The Mercury Financial LLC project is located at 3409 Esperanza Crossing, Ste. 110,
Austin, TX 78758

Portfolio Description  

To earmark this financial firm’s open area space with style and ergonomic function, Workscape Designs collaborated to create a trendy 120-degree dogbone workstation configuration. The 120-degree angle, commonly found in nature, keeps all items within reach, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Sit-to-stand surfaces with added frosted glass screens allow for ultimate user comfortability to adjust their workspace to fit their needs.

Originally introduced by Herman Miller in 1999, designer Ayse Birsel created “Resolve” a system line focused on the natural environment and how people work.  Since then, several other manufacturers have created a 120-degree solution as well, such as the AIS Divi Panel System, used on this project.


Take a Virtual Tour of Mercury Financial LLC in Austin, Tx: