Moving Offices? Here’s What To Consider Before You Sign The Lease

There’s A LOT of thought that goes into choosing a new office space. From the location to size and floor plan, there are several big decisions that have to be made in a short amount of time. But one of the most important decisions that has to be made is often the last one on the list: office design and furniture.

Why is this the most important? A recent study found that only 11% of workers are highly satisfied in their work environment.

We get it, it’s hard to please everyone, but a separate study found that 50% of employees are not engaged with their jobs. One disengaged employee can cost a business between $450-550 in lost productivity each year. How can you get employees to be more engaged? By creating an ideal workspace.

Before You Sign An Office Lease Consider…

There are three main ideas to consider when looking at different lease spaces: Function, Culture, and the Long Run.

How To Assess The Function Of A Space

When you are looking at a space the first question you should ask yourself is “can my business actually function here?”

Answering that question sounds easier than it actually is. Don’t let sky-high windows or beautiful finishes in a space be the deciding factor. Think about these things:

● Is there enough space for all the office supplies I need?

● Is there enough space for all the employees?

● Are there enough facilities for everyone to use?

● How will foot traffic be in this environment?

● How will desks be arranged?

● What departments will sit relative to one another?

Also look at the lighting of the rooms, the window locations. A/C control for different areas and different room. Don’t forget commonly overlooked features such as the number of outlets consider where they will be relative to potential desk placement.

How Will A Space Affect Your Culture?

The next major question to ask yourself when looking at office space is “how will this office affect my company culture?”

Where you are can change who you are. Culture is created by what is put into the office, but it is informed by but what the office begins as. All elements of the office blend together, and you don’t want the surroundings to clash with what company you are trying to build. That means you should look at how a space flows and how existing walls could affect workflow. If you are not already a design expert, it can be helpful in this state to bring in one. Look for someone who understand your unique goal and vision with your company and who can then look at a space and determine how it will fit your business.

Will This Office Work In 3-5 Years?

Finally, you have to consider how the office will be in the long haul.

The average office lease is anywhere from 3-5 years. That can feel like a lifetime if you are in a space that doesn’t fit your needs or didn’t keep up with your company growth. While it can be hard to predict how your company will change over time, you can try to consider what ways you will expand, and you have to think, “can my office handle that”? Will you need a new conference area? How long will this be the main office space for my employees? Will I be able to expand my reception area properly? The most current needs are definitely the most important to address up front, but keep in mind how this will be in the future.

One of the best ways to address this question is with a test fit. A test fit allows you to virtually move into a new space, furniture and all, and see what the layout will actually look like. This can be helpful in determining if the space is large enough or has the capacity to grow with your business.

Have questions or need more information? Contact us today to learn about how office design and furniture services or get a test fit started for your potential new office!