• How office space recruits employees

How Office Space Recruits Employees

Office space is not the first thing you think of when it comes to employee retention and recruitment, but it can be an absolutely vital component of it. No, we are not referring to the 1999 comedy classic, but to the space of your office itself, or rather, how it is utilized. A well-arranged office can be key in attracting the top talent to work for you and getting them to stay.

Office Design: First Impressions Are Everything

First impressions are everything. When you have a prospective employee come into your office for an interview, what they see as they look around will make an impression. They will be thinking “is this a place I want to go to for work”? Project the right atmosphere and company culture with how you design your office.

Simply put, people want to work where they will be comfortable to work. When they are job hunting, they try to picture an image of what the places will be like. Whatever they see of your office helps form that image. From pictures that you officially post yourself, to what they see from social media feeds, to however else they may get a view of your office, having a presentable office can help that image be a positive one.

Office Design: A Key Decision Maker For New Recruits

A recent study found that when job seekers are presented with multiple offers, the additional physical amenities were a top influencer in their decision making. With that said, if you are trying to attract top candidates it can be difficult to compete if your office space is lacking in overall design and amenities.

Office Design: Foster Communication And Growth

Strong employee morale can be tricky to foster and manage. Of the ways to help keep it high, one of the more consistent ones is office design. When you have quality furniture that suits your employee’s needs, and the office is not a frustrating environment to work in, it keeps employees in good spirits. Unlike constant events or salary changes, this is one that doesn’t eat up budget or time to maintain. And those good vibes can diffuse out of the office, and into the ears of other job hunters when they think about where they will work.

Worried that your existing office space might be turning away top recruits from your business or organization? We can help! As office design specialists, we know how a space performs is just as important as how it looks and feels. Contact us today to learn more and let us help make your workspace a reality!