Episode 2 of the Get Smart About People and the Workplace Podcast is a conversation with Chris Gillian.

In today’s episode of Get Smart About People and the Workplace we had an amazing discussion with Chris Gillian.

Chris Gillian is one of the co-founders of Gazzang. (Ultimately acquired by Cloudera). Chris recently held the position of Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Capital Factory here in Austin, Texas.

He is currently the co-founder of Emerald Labs, an offshore software development company based out of Pakistan and the US.

Chris gives his perspective about what a “tech start-up” means to him and what it means to people working together for a common goal, that ultimately is long hours hunting that whale of a customer. He talks about how culture can offer a tradition of celebration which helps blow off steam and reduce stress. You will also learn a way to recruit new talent.

Chris is a great leader, mentor, innovator, and trend setter. You will come away from this episode with a smile on your face, which is the way I end up every time I have the fortune of talking with Chris. So many Easter eggs that I know you will find interesting as well. Welcome to GET SMART ABOUT PEOPLE & THE WORKPLACE!!!