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Where we started.

Passion + Innovation

Workscape Designs was founded upon the belief that a business can change the world in an environment that creates community and cultivates a positive workforce.

Noticing the industry was dated while consumer needs were evolving, two friends set out to develop a customer-centric standard. With their shared passion for innovation and community, they’re proving that the office is more than just the furniture it holds; it’s a workscape environment.

Why we care.

Mission + Vision

To create innovative environments that inspire positive communities.
Environment Matters. We envision a world where evolving innovative workscapes inspires a positive workforce.
Love Where You Work. You spend a large portion of your life at work, and the environment matters. The workplace should be a carefully crafted workscape that fosters a meaningful culture. The result of functionality plus aesthetics equals a workforce that loves where they work, and will be further vested in the company’s success.
Who we are.

Our Team

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Service
Positive Workforce Culture
Our Philosophy


Clients that have transformed their office into a workscape they love.

We partner with the best brokers, project management, architecture + design firms in the country to create amazing workscape solutions.

With hundreds of manufacturing partners, we leverage the strength of our community to bring your ideas into reality.

We are proud to support our local community + philanthropic partners.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Workscape Designs has years of experience combining form & function in a variety of industries, helping turn our clients’ office vision into a workscape reality.