New Office Checklist

It’s the details that get you. A nearly perfect office move can be ruined by one or two missed details. That’s why we created the 47-point New Office Checklist. Make sure you’re tracking these 47 points and ensure your next office move is a...

Take a Tour of Your New Office

We’ve prepared a lookbook of some of our most popular lines and offerings to help you create a clearer picture in your mind of what you’d like your new office to look like.

Countdown Checklist for Lease Renewal or New Lease

It can sneak up on you. Many folks don’t start thinking about their next lease until the year it’s happening. But that’s too late. We developed this Countdown Checklist so you can be successful in your next new or renewed lease.

See What You’ve Been Missing

Shine the light on untapped productivity. But simply flipping the light switch won’t make this happen. The problem is businesses are looking in the wrong places to increase productivity. Push the offices away from the windows and unleash a natural line of light for...